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Room Types:

Loft - 4.5'  x  4.5'  x  5'   =  18 sq ft. Without windows/balconies - $20.00 per cat per night, Double occupancy $30.00

Regular Suite - 4.5'  x  4.5'  x  6.5'  = 18 sq ft.   With window and balcony - $25.00 per cat per night, Double occupancy $37.50

Deluxe Suite - 8'  x  5'  x  10' = 40 sq. ft.  with 2 windows and 2 balconies - $35.00 per cat per night, Double occupancy 52.50

All prices include taxes.


All rooms have two or more shelves with cushions.  Rooms with windows and balconies have one shelf at window height allowing your feline friend to enjoy the view while lounging.  On nice days the window opens onto a safe and secure private balcony.  Each room also has a covered litter box, food bowls with tray and a carpeted scratching post.

Hours:  Daily check in/check out   8-10am and/or 4-6pm by appointment

The Cat's Inn is a family run business.  It is located in our backyard, therefore there is always someone here 24/7.  Our customers come first and so we plan our lives around them, which we are happy to do.  For this reason we ask that you please be on time when checking in and out.  If you cannot make your time, or are going to be late please let us know.  Thank you, Lisa, Andrew, Thomas, and Anna.