"Our cat, Sasha has been a guest of the unique Cat's Inn numerous times since it opened in 1994.  Lisa is a wonderfully caring innkeeper and the environment is so attractive, well-equipped, and clean. Sasha loves to be outside, so having a private balcony is perfect for her.  Our family can have a worry-free holiday knowing that our pet is so well cared for."

Judy MacInnis
Halifax, NS

"I am a long standing customer of the Cats Inn and cannot say enough about the facility. Before discovering The Cats Inn, I had either inspected or taken 'Timmy' to practically every cat boarding hotel in metro, some as far as 75 km away. After experiencing much of the 'crop', I can say with confidence The Cats Inn is the cream. The reasons for this are many, but the most important to me are: each cat has plenty of space and levels on which to climb and jump, and its own screened outdoor run; the cattery is absolutely immaculate; the cats are happy, even my introverted timid fellow; Lisa (the owner) loves her work and it shows; and the Inn is an easy 10 minute drive from the heart of the city. However, if it weren't so handy for me, I'd travel much further to get there if necessary--it's worth it. Lisa runs a fabulous cat 'hotel' in a class of its own. I highly recommend it and have never been disappointed."

Leigh Noftle

Halifax, NS

"The first time we left Camille at the Cat's Inn I cried. Lisa assured me he would be okay and that we should go and enjoy our vacation. Her compassion for my feelings that first day assured me that we were at the right place, and I knew it would be the only place we would ever leave him. Well, it's 9 years later and Camille packs his knapsack twice a year for his trip to The Cat's Inn. I think he's even looking forward to it! Most of all we leave town with peace of mind that our troubled feline is well looked after."

Debbie Arsenault
, Nova Scotia




I was overwhelmed by the incredible welcoming, caring and fantastic accommodations at the Cat's Inn. Upon my first arrival I was greeted and made to feel like I was family and so was my cat. Full details of health, needs and care was documented. I was assured he would be cared for. Then I saw the accommodations (yes not kennels).... some have sea side views, balconies, spotless, quiet and no smell.. yes no smell and there are at times 27 cats or more.


By the second time my cat stayed over (I swear he looked forward to the visit), when I picked him up, he was relaxed purring ... I think he was on vacation.


My cat has stayed there when a fire swept the area and the owners would not evacuate until all cats were gathered up and taken to various safe places...they could have left them as instructed by the police. I met people who were evacuated and they knew the Wash's they smiled and stated they were good people.


My Cat's stays have been from 2 days to 1o days and now he has been there for a couple of months while I am out of country. In any of the stays you can send an email and find out how things are going and I can not tell you what a relief it is to know he is safe and happy while I he is on an extended stay.

Can you imagine if they had a hotel???

Dave Billington

Halifax, NS