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Owner-Lisa Wash

I have been involved in animal care for many years beginning at the Animal House, a pet store in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1985. In 1987 I trained as a dog groomer and provided this service as I continued with the Animal House. In 1988 I spent a year at Dalhousie University in their Animal Care Center and later that same year I started working at several Halifax Animal veterinary clinics under the direction of Dr. Ross Ainslie. I spent 7 years there involved in all aspects of animal care from administering vaccinations and medications to assisting in surgeries. During my extensive time involved with animals I began to realize that there was a real lack of quality cat boarding and decided to open The Cat's Inn in May of 1994. I wanted to make certain that cats were not simply housed but truly cared for and pampered during a normally stressful time away from home, and we've succeeded. The Cat's Inn is located behind our home overlooking McNab's Island. My husband, Andrew, has extensive experience with animals owning several pet stores in the Maritimes for many years. We have two children who are learning our love and respect for animals and who love to help out at the Inn, when supervised of course! I'm proud to say that we've created a comforting and calm environment and this provides a lot of peace of mind for the owners, especially for those with cats with special needs. Our hotel is different from any other boarding facility we've seen and we invite you to come view the Inn anytime!