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A Day in The Life ...

Hi there folks, my name is Simon and I'm a Siamese cat. Well, actually I'm only part Siamese and I'm not sure what the other part is but I'm really handsome so I guess it doesn't matter much. Anyway, I think something's up because my Mom and Dad are putting clothes in one of those big square things again, and usually when that happens it means I�m going somewhere and that I have to leave the only home I know and love. Well, they're going to have to catch me first. I think I'll hide under the bed. It usually takes them awhile to get me out from under there.

Well, they caught me and so here I am stuck inside this little box in this big, noisy thing that moves really fast. I'll think I�ll talk a lot and sound sad, that way maybe Mom and Dad will decide not to go away and take me back to where everything smells just the way it should.

Well that didn�t work; I'm at this place that smells...well, it smells really good, mmmm, and nice and clean. I hear someone talking, they're telling me not to worry, that this is a really happenin� place. Well, I'll be the judge of that if you please. The door just opened on this box thing. I guess I'm suppose to come out now, and I want to, but I'll pretend I don't, maybe that will make them take me back home. Is that a window I see? And I hear this really nice voice calling my name. Who is she? Maybe I'll just step out a little�ooohh someone is scratching behind my ears! How did she know that�s my favorite place to be scratched?! Mom and Dad just said goodbye. I'm going to really miss them. They said they would be back in one week. I wonder how long a week is?

So, here I sit looking out my window waiting to go home. Here comes that nice lady again. She�s coming into my room and, oh, she has some yummy, smelly treats. She leaves them for me and pats me and quietly says everything is going to be OK, and she says when I get use to my room I can go outside. Wow, outside!

I must have fallen asleep, it�s so warm and cozy here. And everyone is talking a lot right now. What's happening? Oh, something smells really good, I think it�s tuna! My door is opening, and here comes that lady again. She�s putting food into my dish, and gives me another pat. Maybe I should check that out, ooh, that tastes good! Ahh, a full belly, a sunny spot in front of my own window, can it get any better?! What is she doing now? She�s opening my window! Oh, smell that fresh air! Now this is the life, fresh air, a sunny spot and a full belly.

It�s dark outside now, the night sounds and smells are divine. Lisa (that�s the nice lady�s name, I found out from Oscar, he�s the guy across the hall. Seems like a friendly sort.) is coming into my room again. She's brushing me and it feels soooo good. She whispers good night and tells me she will see me in the morning.

I think I dreamt of Mom and Dad last night, I hope they're having as nice a time as I'm having. My room was cleaned this morning, fresh water and more of that really good-tasting stuff, a little brush and my window was opened again. It�s really nice here, I hope a week isn�t up yet, not that I don't want to go back to the only home I know and love but this place is really cool, too.

Well, it's a little while later and Lisa tells me I'm going home today. She says she�s going to miss me, and I�m going to miss her, too. She smells really good and she�s so friendly. I hope I can come back again. I'm just going to go out on my balcony one last time. This is Simon, the part Siamese cat reporting live from The Cat's Inn, the best little cat hotel in town.

Meow for now!